The wait is over - we now have the full re-worked, re-launched suite of Rega Planar turntables in stock.

The Planar 1 includes some major improvements over the outgoing RP1, including their new RB110 tonearm and a 24V synchronous motor which is a first for Rega's entry-level line. They have also redesigned and tweaked everything from the feet to the plinth to get the most out of the Planar 1. Stepping into the Planar 2 gets you a 10mm 'Optiwhite' glass platter, along with the new RB220 tonearm, acrylic plinth and hub bearing. Both models come fitted with the Rega Carbon cartridge out of the box.

On paper, the Planar 3 shows similar improvements - a new RB330 tonearm, 12mm 'Optiwhite' platter and acrylic plinth. In practice, the Planar 3 is not only a step up from the Planar 1 and 2 but a major leap forward in performance from the outgoing RP3. Like the turntable it replaces, the Planar 3 can be upgraded with the off-board TTPSU power supply.