Introducing Muso - Naim's first wireless integrated music system.

Naim has combined their constant research and long standing expertise in streaming, amplifier and loudspeakers to bring you their latest creation. The Muso will redefine all-in-one streaming performance, with six active speakers and unparalled connectivity to your digital music libraries.

Features: AirPlay, UPnP™ , Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Streaming Services, USB, Digital Input (Optical), 3.5mm Analogue Input, Multiroom capability, Muso custom-designed Naim Control App.

Available in store now.


rs1384_dac-v1-nap100_3-lprGetting brilliant sound from a computer just got easier with Naim's new asynchronous USB DAC-V1 and its matching NAP100 power amplifier.


Tivoli's award-winning high-quality radios and music systems give you performance and simplicity with superb design and fine craftsmanship.

Our in-store range includes:

SongBook AM/FM Travel Radio
Model One Table Radios in a range of stylish colours (pictured left in Walnut/Beige)
PAL and iPAL (pictured centre in Black)
iYiYi™ High-Fidelity Stereo System for iPod® (pictured right)

model-one-beige-banner  pal-black-banner  iyiyi-white-banner


Our three demonstration rooms let you experience our hi-fi, home theatre and

Naim Audio's Ovator S400 loudspeakers are beautifully designed and made in the UK

Dust off your record collection and get back into the groove...

Connect with your music...

Music downloads, high-resolution music files, internet radio, network music, UPnP servers, iPod/MP3 players,
Wi-Fi streaming - everything that the new era of music delivery can throw at it, UnitiQute2 can play.

 unitiqute_roomset_smaller for web

Small box... big on features:

  • Two analogue inputs for CD players or portable music players
  • A preamp output so that adding an external power amplifier, or even a sub-woofer, gives you a very wide bandwidth audio
  • iPod playback and control
  • Front panel-mounted USB socket for iPod or MP3 player - will play music in almost any format up to 24bit/96kHz resolution straight from a memory stick
  • FM and DAB tuners and Internet radio
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Outputs its internal sources or external digital signals to an external DAC for even higher audio quality
  • It’s a digital hub for external digital sources, games consoles or digital TV audio.

Control UnitiQute2 with a dedicated remote handset, or the n-Stream app for iPad, iPhone and iPod.