preview CD555

Pre Loved Naim CD 555 Transport Only, Serial #230### - 2006 Vintage, New Mech installed, Brand new Box from Naim

Burndys included, Naim Hi Line Interconnect included. Some surface marks on top. Needs 555 P/S to operate

Original Retail $36,000


 RS1494 supernait 2 2 lpr

 Pre Loved Naim Supernait 2 Serial #379XXX Late 2014 model - Box & ancilliaries included. Can be upgraded with a Hicap DR or Supercap DR. 

Retail $7,400


 NDX 50up small

Pre Loved Naim NDX Streamer , Serial #311, mid-2011. Full box & ancilliaries included. Can be run with or without Naim source power supply, either XPS or 555.

Original retail $8300


 Nac 202 nap 200

Pre Loved Naim 202 / 200 Pre Power combo, Serials #189### 2002 & #323### 2012 respectively.

202 pre comes with optional Digital PSU #206### 2004 at $1050. Comes with all leads.  202 packing box in average condition. Will sell 202 with psu separately, but not power amp.  Best bought as a combo

Original Retail $11100


naim 152 155

Run out model Naim 152 / 155 Pre Power combo, new mint in box.  Entry naim pre power , with ability to add power supply etc to the pre. These models have now been officially discontinued by naim, but we have the last set mint in box. 

Original retail $5850



Also , 1 x  pair shop ex demo models of the same



New Rega PL 1 turntable, current model, white.  Has small minor scuff on plinth under platter.  Not visible during normal operation.  Otherwise new and with all packaging, and with as new warranty.

Current price $599