Focal Dimension 

Want the best sounding soundbar around at the best possible price? We have a scoop buy on the Focal Dimension, a highly spec'd French made 5.1 capable soundbar which features:

450 watts output
5 separate drive units
HDMI with ARC and CEC, Optical & Analog inputs
Remote control
Front touch controls
Subwoofer Connectivity
On wall bracket provided

Original retail $1550

Deal price $750


Pre-loved Naim Nait5i. Serial 265XXX (Late 2008). Remote and power cord, no box.  Original retail $2,500



ALSO AVAILABLE: Pre-loved Naim Nait5i Serial 202XXX (Mid-2004). No box.  NB: Nait 5i "non-italic" does not have front 3.5mm input.

Original retail $2,500

$1,250 or as a combo with pre-loved CD5i for $2250

cd5i italic 04

Pre-loved Naim CD5i. Serial 206XXX (Mid-2004). No box, some marks on the top of the casework.  Original retail $2,500



Pre-loved Naim CDX2. Serial 383XXX (2015). Box, packaging and accessories included. Absolutely mint condition!  Could sell as new.

Original retail $9,000


 NDX 50up small

Pre-loved Naim NDX Streamer. Serial 310XXX (Mid-2011). Full box & ancilliaries included. Can be run with or without Naim source power supply, either XPS or 555.

Original retail $8300


 Nac 202 nap 200

Pre-loved Naim 202 / 200 Pre Power combo.

Serial 189XXX (2002) and Serial 323XXX (2012) respectively.

202 pre comes with optional Digital PSU for $1050. Comes with all leads.  202 packing box in average condition. Will sell 202 with psu separately, but not power amp.  Best bought as a combo

Original retail $11100


naim 152 155

Run out model Naim 152 / 155 Pre Power combo, new mint in box.  Entry naim pre power , with ability to add power supply etc to the pre. These models have now been officially discontinued by Naim, but we have the last set mint in box. 

Original retail $5850



Also, 1 x  pair shop ex demo models of the same



Pre Loved Naim AV2 5.1 Surround Sound Processor  Serial # 204XXX . Discontinued product.  A great sounding AV processor.

Includes 4pin Din - RCA connective cables, can be used with non-naim power amps.  Remote control, full setup manual, and box.

Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES onboard.



New Rega PL1 turntable, current model, black.  Ex demo, 'B stock'.  Comes with all packaging, and with as new warranty.

Original retail $599


Naim Audio Ariva 515 B

Pre Loved pair of Naim Arriva Loudspeakers in Cherry finish.  Serial No. #205XXX.  In fair condition cabinet wise, and 4 new bass drivers installed ex Naim.

Includes their bases, but no boxes.  Priced to sell at $1000 for the pair.


 Mission 782SE

Pre loved Mission 782 SE floorstanding speakers.  Excellent condition.  Priced at $550 for the pair.


Pre loved pair of Totem Acoustics Model 1 Signature Loudspeakers.  Flawless condition, 18 months old, could be sold as new.

Full box and all packaging.

Retail $4100 , priced to clear at $2750 for the pair.


nad c420tuner

Pre loved NAD C420 FM/AM Tuner. In excellent condition, includes manual and FM antennae, no box.  Good cheap tuner  -  $250

nad c541iCD

Pre loved NAD C541i CD Player in excellent condition, includes manual and remote control, no box.  Good value CD player - $350