The term 'hi-fi', short for 'high fidelity', was originally used to describe specialist audio components designed and manufactured to faithfully reproduce recorded music.

Over the years this has become an overused term to describe any electronics that attempt to play music , but we at Real Music Company still hold true to the original premise of 'hi-fi', and we believe the quality and longevity of our carefully chosen brands reflects this.

Two Channel

'Two channel' refers to good old-fashioned 'stereo' sound - think of an amplifier, two speakers, and your chosen source of music like a CD, a record, or a digital file, and that's a two channel system.

There are plenty of technology options out there vying for your entertainment dollar, but in our experience a traditional two channel 'hi–fi' system still provides the best way to listen to music.

A two channel system can be as cost effective or as expensive as you'd like to make it. We offer complete component systems from as little as $1500, to as much as $500 thousand.

Our dedicated listening rooms facilitate the ability for you to listen and compare these systems as if you were in your own home.