Multiroom & Custom Installation

Take your two-channel hi-fi system into more than one space – the proverbial “can we run a second set of speakers?” question – and you have multi-room sound.

Introduce any level of control into a second, third or more rooms and you have a multi-zone system offering the ability to select any source and control it from a room other than that in which your primary equipment is installed. Add your home theatre zone, and we call this Whole-House Entertainment.

What is Custom Installation?

Custom installation integrates some or all of your home electronic equipment – for entertainment, communications, automation, security – into the architectural and interior design of your house. This could be a simple two-way intercom system, or a home theatre with a plasma or LCD screen or projector, surround-sound, in-wall speakers, special lighting and seating... or blinds that open and close...

Whether you're building, remodelling or renovating, one of the best ways to enhance enjoyment and add value to your home is to integrate some or all of your entertainment and comfort systems into a whole-house entertainment and control system. The possibilities are many - a home theatre system or multi-room audio/video system, lighting control, automated heating and cooling, security and much more! 

We offer a range of quality custom installation/whole-house systems from brands such as NetStreams, NaimNet, Sonos and others. It’s essential that we meet early in your design process to talk through your architectural plans, and we’ll work with you and your other suppliers to design and install your dream system.

Read about our Whole-House Entertainment Naim Uniti Systems and Entertainment/Control Systems by NetStreams

Our Certifications include: Control 4 Tech I Trained Dealer, Certified NaimNet Custom Installer, NetStreams DigiLinx, Streaming Music Manager, IP Video and Panorama Trained Dealer.



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