Extending another pair of speakers into a second room from an existing stereo was considered the easiest way of creating a 'multi room' audio system. Over the years, this has evolved in complexity in terms of features, the level of infrastructure required, and in the available level of control.

We have systems available that can play your CDs, DVDs, FM tuner and TV audio in different rooms, at different volumes, with centralised placement of electronics in a 'hubbed' position, with keypad control. We also have systems that link to your home computer 'network' and can 'stream' high-resolution music from your computer or server, with full metadata and cover art control via an iPad or Smartphone App.

In addition, we have systems that can distribute high-definition video and audio, from either set top boxes or video players, through to multiple TV positions with no loss of quality.

The best way for you to learn more about this is to arrange a consultation with us in-store, and we can help work through your plans and ideas to furnish a plan and brief for moving forward.