Unfortunately some of our floor stock received some minor cosmetic damage as a result of the earthquake. As such, we are selling the items listed below at a significantly discounted price. These prices are only on the floor stock, our loss is your gain! product inspections welcome. 


Rega Loudspeakers

RX3 Walnut                        $2,650 normally,    SOLD
RX5 Cherry $3,475 normally,    SOLD


Totem Acoustic Loudspeakers

Arro Cherry $2,850 normally,    $1,999 now
Sttaf Mahogany $3,675 normally,    SOLD
Hawk Cherry $5,650 normally,    $3,999 now
Forest Black $7,450 normally,    $4,999 now
Element Metal Black            $21,750 normally,  $14,999 now


Q Acoustics Loudspeakers

Concept 20 + Stands White   $1,800 normally,   $999 now